Scroll style menu using logic bricks


I’m trying to figure out how to create a scroll style menu using logic bricks wherein players can press up and down to select an option but the other option is still visible. There will only be an arrow acting as highlight. Image below as an example.

[I would also want a music to play from the highlighted object. <b><i>I’m planning to create a song selection screen</i></b>]

Fistful of thanks! :slight_smile:

You want the cursor (arrow) to move or the figures to move?

simplest way: play an action in property mode

Well, arrow makes it simpler easier. I guess arrow it is. But how do you make it snap so the arrow goes directly at the center of the object. And what sensor am I gonna put?

keyboard sensor <left> -> Property - 1
keyboard sensor <right> -> Property + 1

property change -> Action Actuator Mode:property

you play an action that sets the cursor the the desired places. So when you set property to 1 it plays location key 1. when you set it to 2 you play keyframe 2 and so on.

add a cylinder, put a new material at each plane at the side with a picturetexture (can also be a picture with a text) make an arrow, put it at the side of the cylinder, put a lot of raysensors at the arrow to check the material under it. put two keyboardsensors and two motionactuators at the cylinder to make it turn.put a keyboardsensor at the arrow to chose the texture under the arrow and a lot of actuators to build the chosen object or to set a proberty that represents the item. make a passe partout (however it is written. somebody gotta tell the french their language doesnt make sense at all!)

toon_select_example.blend (565 KB)

Here ya go!

We have a Control empty which manages all our logic. It takes in keyboard commands (use left and right arrow keys) and sets its ‘choice’ property to 0-2 (one for each character). If it hits its limits, it cycles the value (if it’s higher than 2 it becomes 0, if lower than 0 it becomes 2).
Property sensors for each choice value then trigger a steering (seek) actuator to the arrow object to seek the appropriate empty above each character. Alongside this, it has the text object copy the ‘label’ property of the selected empty to its Text property, for name display purposes.

(I don’t know the names of the guys that aren’t Meatboy, so I made up names…)

Thank you so much Nines! It looks pretty complicated. But I’ll try to figure it out.