Scrooge's tribute to blender/christmas

(ScottishPig) #1

I know… actually I’m just re-showing the same blendfile from last christmas.
To celebrate my second blender-christmas I give you…

Raise your glass if you remember this one when it first came out. (It’s original, that’s why the angles in the “Present” logo are mucked up… I couldn’t model well at the time.)

–No, no merry christmas! What right have you to be merry. Bugger off! Go home!

(valarking) #2

/me raises his glass. Excellent idea.

(theeth) #3

I should remember, but I have a very bad memory for some stuff.

I can be merry if I want to damn it! 8)


(benstabler) #4

I’m ready for Blender future…


(sten) #5

Merry x-mas scottishpig !