Sculpt based on artwork - How much more detail?


I have created the following based on some art I found on Pinterest (I hope that is ok?)

Just looking for some feedback, particularly, I’m wondering how much more detail I needed to add if I wanted to texture similar to the source image.


That’s really difficult to say. I mean from an objective standpoint, jaw, cheaks, neck and the back of the head have more detail in the original image so if you 'd want a 1:1 replica, you might want to work on that.

But I think your main focus right now shouldt be proportions and also finding a diffrent own take on the sculpt. Your Proportions are already good, but the original has a lot more “flow” to it and looks more handmade and dynamic (basically it emulates a more dynamic lineart-style)
Regarding the own spin: I don’t know. Make it a Pirate, give it a Hat, give it ridiculus renissance style makeup, make it a Robot. Possibilities are endless.