Sculpt Layers Addon

Hi sculptors! I would like to present to you Sculpt Layers for Blender 2.9+. Your art director and clients will be happy. This addon will help you to store your base mesh and add details as layers.


  • Add/Remove/Join/Erase layers.
  • Sculpt Layers can work with a Multires modifier.
  • Possibilty to import layers from Zbrush into the Sculpt Layers addon.

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Sounds good, I’ll check it out!


hey this sounds nice, but this works with multires? or directly all the polycount into the mesh?

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Yes it works with multires and without it.


Thank you!


Wonderful plugin, just bought it and it works very well. May I request a feature to have a slider or some way to control the strength of the layer? Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you. Sure, i’ll add it this weekend.


Oh no.
Now the devs won’t ever add actual native layers.


Why? I don’t mind. )


In case that didn’t come across well, I was just kidding.

But seriously, nice addon :+1:


also what about blending modes? like mix,add,subtract,multiply but only the ones that make sense for this case, since this is not an image of course… and also a strength slider of course… and maybe an transfer shape option from other model to another to be store as layers like this addon does with shape keys

also in the other hand, what about shape keys for the layers, isnt that possible tho? that would be useful for facial animation or something else that requires shape key based animation in a high level of detail…

lmao :rofl: :rofl:


I don’t know how the add-on operates under the hood but would it be possible for the strength to go beyond 0% to 100%?

For example let’s say I’m adding sculpted wrinkles to skin with a stencil projection but I didn’t make them strong enough and I don’t want to redo all that work, if I could just set the layer strength to an arbitrary value like 140% I could save a load of rework. (Might need a small text field by the slider for that.)

Or in a different scenario if I’m experimenting with surface texture I might add details but then decide it would look better if the height of those details was inverted then I could set the layer strength to -100%.

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yeah basically a 0.000-1.000 slider, where you can add -0.500, 1.250, 2.500 and etc

@MichaelBenDavid layers work like add/substract now. It will be with a slider.

You can make shapekeys at the moment. It’s not a problem I assume. Just create one.

Thanks, I’ll check the addon. But you can add a shrinwrap modifier and apply it manually to get layers from other objects.

@ckohl_art sure, there will be a slider which is beyond 100%. As @MichaelBenDavid said it will be in the same way.


ok but i mean having a shape key at any level of subdivision, for example level 0 for a base shape key (like when doing a normal shape key to a low poly mesh, for something like a face), but then be able to go a few levels more higher and add more small details to that shapekey made (to create wrinkles and other details for example for the face) like the layers system itself in some sense but kept as animatable shape keys as well…

I would stick to zbrush/mudbox layers style. I assume it’s enough.



I did some fixes and now it’s possible to join a layer with a base mesh.


Hi mifth, sorry if this has already been answered but I’m a bit slow in the head when it comes to 3D so would like to make absolutely certain I can use this for what I have in mind before purchasing.

I’m working with multires figure where I pose on the low poly base mesh but render out at a higher res level. Do I understand correctly that I could use this addon to sculpt some detail on a higher multires layer with the ability to turn that high res layer on/off/delete without effecting the base mesh?

Thanks, this addon looks great!

Hi Domiek,

You could sculpt on highest subdivision of the mesh sure. But I’m not sure about posing. For example if you rotate a base mesh 90 degrees then layers can be distorted as all positions are saved in world coordinate system. I’ll need to check if there is a chance to get it to local coords. But it will cost time to calculate their local positions.