sculpt looks weird in ortho view

I sculpted in perspective mainly. Didn’t really think of this issue when doing it cause I am pretty new to sculpting.
But noticed it orthographic mode it looks weird. Is this a problem with my sculpt that I need to work on? Does it mean the model is distorted? Thank you

Ortho mode:

Perspective mode:

So should I be sculpting in Ortho? Or correcting it til it doesn’t look weird in this mode?

Been playing around in ortho and found it isn’t too hard to get it loooking ‘somewhat’ normal looking. But then perspective looks weird. is the goal to not look weird in both modes??

Ortho after a few minutes of tweeking:

Perspective though now looks weird, particularly as I lost his jaw bone, which he has a very prominent jaw line, so it’s very important to have.

Try changing the view lens to something bettween 80 and 120… It gives a better field of view, with perspective but not so much distortion.
3DView > Properties Panel > View > Lens

oh ok. Thank you


the distortion between perspective and orthographic intensifies when in perspective you are viewing the object up close.

That said, you should try to sculpt in perspective as that’s closer to the human eye.
Orthographic views are best for lining up against image references, where you have side and front view images that you want to line up with your model as a start for sculpting.