Sculpt masking calls for testers!

Nicholas Bishop :

Sculpt masking in Blender (call for testing) #b3d

Good :slight_smile:

nice news :slight_smile:

fantastic, it’s a great feature and it is nice to see that sculpt mode get’s some love again (today i realized that in current builds the flat shading in sculpt mode is fixed).

here is a sculpt masking build for linux 32bit

Awesome. Can’t wait for a Windows build. I bet one will appear by the time I’ve finished my tea :smiley:

coming to my windows builds tomorrow (if Allah wishes) :slight_smile:

Here are my win builds.


Pff. What took you so long? My tea’s gone cold!

(Just kidding. Thanks a lot for the builds! :smiley: )

Tried Demohero Win64 Build Works as Advertized… However…

I have some suggestions…

should be allowed to “Invert” masks
this would be awesome, like for instance in Sculptris if you mask the eye area
then press ctrl+i it will swap the masked area and everything except the eyes will be masked etc…
thus allowing you to hollow out the eyes… quickly…
(same can be dome for the mouth etc… )
make the area you want to work in… , (invert mask) then dig hole :wink:

Also, should be button to clear masks.
maybe also have a section to save selection masks…

Like if you mask the ear area and you are done with it you could save that selection and clear it…
saving it would let you go back to it quickly, while still letting you work on other selection masks…

same for the eye selection, etc. .

should be allowed to “Invert” masks

At the bottom of the 3d view is a menu called “mask”, there are options for invert, clear, … the mask selection.

It crashes for me if I set the brush mode to Drag Dot or Anchored.

you gotta be kidding me… i’ll take another look… :spin:

Perhaps mask inverting could have a hotkey… Like the well known Ctrl+I.

Ahhh!! Invert IS there! it is on the 3D Panel right next to “sculpt mode” (it should be in a different spot and should have a hotkey IMHO)


I “filled mask” erased a little bit of the mask…

then pressed “Hide Unmasked” it hide the areas of the mask that i erased…

My Question… How do i unhide them to reshow them?
Did it delete them? Lol?? hmmm…

holyenigma: Alt-H

sheesh you guys know all the answers… time to try it… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit yep it(Alt+H) works.

heck he should just put a “Show unmasked” button in that menu as well,
or make the one button a hide/show

I think Hide Masked and an Invert shortcut would be more comfortable to use. After you’ve hidden what you don’t need you naturally want to work on what is left.

Fantastic, mask is back! Thank you very much.

I can confirm crash when using Mask brush with ‘drag dot’ or ‘anchored’
Windows 7 64 bit

Demohero, thank you for the win builds.
If it’s not too much trouble‎, could you please reupload the win32 version?
Because when downloading it’s the win64 version.

It seems I uploaded win64 both. Link fixed. :yes: