Sculpt mode

Is there any way of calibrating sculpt mode so it works with large objects.

It’s rather annoying that you can only put the strength up to 100 and the strength seems to be absolute to global co-ordinates, because when you are working with large objects, its completely ineffectual relative to their size.

try scaling down the large object to sculpt with and then just scale to the original size

yeah cheers, I do that, but it’s not great is it?

I suppose but in blender there are no units, so you could scale down your entire scene and it wouldn’t make any difference just say instead of 1 blender unit = 1 cm just say 1 BU = 1 metre

Have you noticed that models distort when you scale them very small?

I didn’t know that how come?

I just tried it and you are absolutely right. No effect whatsoever. Weird…

Sorry Alleycat, what do you mean?