Sculpt/Paint/Edit Workflow Suite (New: Brush Quickset fixed for 2.83!)

For starters, would love to see the Brush QuickSet control for Vertex, Texture, Weight Paint and Particle Edit.
I’ve been doing some Hair Grooming in Particle Edit lately and realized how much I miss the Brush Controls I have in SculptMode using your addon.

Don’t know how hard it would be to port the SculptMode Brush QuickSet behavior into the other modes.

I’ll PM you with a suggestion for an idea unrelated to the Brush QuickSet addon :slight_smile:

0rAngE – you can actually assign the brush.modal_quickset operator in other paint modes. :] RMB was used for something else in those modes, so I didn’t make it assigned by default. Let me know if there are bugs though.

I know assigning hotkeys is a mess in blender… redesigning blender’s hotkey management process is another job itself

Sweet. I’ve set it up in Vertex, Texture and Weight Paint Modes.
But can’t get it working in Particle Edit, is it working on your end?

Ah, the Input Editor / hotkey management …
I’ve been tinkering with it a lot actually, check it out, maybe there’s something you find interesting there and can cannibalize :slight_smile:

It’s small add-ons like these that can make quite a big difference in user experience. Thanks.

MacroManJr – I’m glad! Thank you.

0rAngE – I’ve looked at Particle Edit… cool way to edit hair particles. Seems new? Anyway, I updated the script to work in that mode now. May update Brush Select By Name to work with hotkeys for Particle Edit later… doable, just a little different

Thanks a bunch!

The Particle Edit works like a charm. But Weight Paint now seems to be broken, I get an error if I try to use it. It worked in the older version that I setup the other day when you told me I just need to assign hotkeys.

Oops, accidentally broke it. :stuck_out_tongue: Should be fixed now! Thanks for testing

Thank you, those tools are very convenient and useful, definitely should be in trunk and enabled by default

are these working in 2.78c?

I’ve been using it with the latest buildbots and it works.

Great but it seems like the links are long dead by now can someone share these tools with community again?

Here you go Sculpt/Paint Workflow Suite by Vrav


Anyone know if it’s possible to get the View Straighten script from here working in 2.8?

@Dheim, tried it couldn’t make it work. Just don’t know and do enough python blender API to make it work.
I’ll have another go at it again

In the meantime I was trying to get to work on 2.8
The functionality is there. But the overlays are not drawing. Not important for adjusting BrushRadius (as you see feedback), but BrushStrength is akward to adjust as you have to look up in the Top/Header-ToolBar

Anyone know how I can draw the BrushStrength on the screen under the mouse, in 2.80?

Here’s where the edited file for 2.80 can be downloaded brush_quickset_280_byVrav

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You’re a legend. Thanks for trying!

I know by default 2.80 seemed to support something similar to this but I’ve long since customized my shortcuts so I don’t know how it’s done. If you end up finding out how to get it working that’d be awesome but I appreciate that you even tried. :slight_smile:

Hey there! Glad to see people are still using these old tools. I would like to update them for 2.8 soon.

Currently I am doing other work, but I’d like to return to these sometime later this month. In the meantime feel free to continue hacking the scripts if you think you can get them to work.

I personally haven’t looked into the API changes at all, but from what you have described here it seems like they deprecated the old immediate mode GL drawing functions in the python API. When I get time to work on this, I’ll look at the alternatives in 2.8’s new API.

edit: btw 0rAngE thanks much for re-hosting the scripts. I’ll probably put them on github at this point soon when I get back into working on them. Thank you for keeping it alive!


Great news!
Much appreciated!!

Man I can’t sculpt without that script! Just enhances the sculpting experience so much!
Didn’t want to bother you before having a crack at it myself. I’ll be using it at the state I got it in in the meantime :smile:


Good news!

I ported the addons to the 2.80 beta, and they should work as in prior versions. Updated the first post with new links. Here’s a link to the new download folder for redundancy’s sake:

Let me know if you have any problems, and thanks for checking them out! Soon I’ll put them on github as well, don’t have time to set that up right now.

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Works like a charm.
All is good with the world again :smile:

Thanks :beers:


Very good scripts. Thanks a lot!

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