Sculpt/Paint/Edit Workflow Suite (New: Brush Quickset fixed for 2.83!)

2021: Hi, sorry I haven’t had time to update Brush Quickset. Thankfully, these addons are being community maintained. If posting new versions, feel free to remove my name. See this post at the end of the thread for the latest version. Sculpt/Paint/Edit Workflow Suite (New: Brush Quickset fixed for 2.83!) - #89 by joeedh

Original post below:

June 8 2020: Brush Quickset: fix graphics bug for 2.83, add particle paint support
Mar 18 2019: Added Grow Selection to Cursor for 2.79/2.8
Feb 5 2019: Republished for both 2.79 and 2.80 beta
Nov 16 2015: Added Brush Quickset functionality for Particle Edit mode
Nov 15 2015:
Fixed View Straighten for 2.76b, added gifs
Jan 27 2014:
Fixed Brush Quickset for 2.69, added Brush Select By Name

Here’s a collection of simple addons I’ve created to enhance sculpting + painting workflow in Blender. They are highly configurable in the hotkey editor, with many options for input style and appearance. Not featured in the post below, in the download folder you can find my personal few general workflow operators, in

Download folder:

Brush Quickset

:point_up: Moderator note: this add-on now has its own dedicated thread with updated versions.

Works in any 3D view sculpt or paint mode.
Automatically assigned to RMB in sculpt mode.

2.79 Download

2.80 Download (new version June 8 2020, 99% chance this is what you want!)
brush.modal_quickset for hotkeys
Brush QuickSet from search menu

Modify sculpt/paint brush radius and strength in a streamlined manner.
To use, assign a hotkey to brush.modal_quickset in a paint or sculpt mode.
Recommended RMB, but any key can be used in a hold-and-release manner.

What does it do? When you activate the modal operator, you can drag the
mouse along either axis to affect brush radius or strength. Which axis
affects which is configurable, amongst other things detailed below.

Operator Options:

  • Axis Order: Whether X or Y affects brush size, etc.
  • Key Action: Hotkey activity (press or release) can apply or cancel.
  • Numeric: Show strength value when adjusted; can pick size
  • Slider: Represent strength with a visual slider; can pick size
  • Pixel Deadzone: Distance before an axis starts affecting the brush.
  • Size Sensitivity: Multiplier for quicker or slower radius adjustment.
  • Graphic: Represent strength via transparent brush overlay
  • Lock Axis: Allow only one value to be altered at a time

Known limitations:

  • Not available for painting in the image editor.
  • Holding ctrl does not snap to values, probably should.

View Straighten
Works in any 3D view.
No hardcoded hotkey; assign your own for full functionality.

2.79 Download

2.80 Download
view3d.view_straighten for hotkeys
View Straighten from search menu

Activate operator and it eases into the nearest view in 90 degree increments.
Activating the operator a second time toggles perspective, optionally.
The length of the view transition is configurable, and can be instant.
Holding down the operator key allows mouse movement to smoothly
shift the view to adjancent sides. Configurable distance.

Known limitations:

  • Assigning to hotkeys LMB, MMB, Esc or RMB, the key-hold functionality will not work.

Brush Select By Name
Cycle between brushes by name with custom hotkeys (example above).
This prevents new brushes added to blender from breaking old array-index-based hotkeys.

2.79 Download

2.80 Download
brush.select_by_name for hotkeys

Assign brush.select_by_name to a hotkey in User Settings > Input.
Enter the names of the brushes for this key to cycle through.

  • Clay,Clay Strips,Draw
  • Flatten/Contrast,Polish
  • Grab,Snake Hook

Known bugs:
Default string doesn’t work, but is kept for example purposes.
Blender doesn’t have default settings for operators, but uses
the last-called settings when hotkey options are unmodified.

(image coming soon)

Grow Selection to 3D Cursor
Works in mesh edit mode. Given a selection of verts, edges, or faces, grows the selection along the mesh towards the 3D cursor. Works best on clean geometry.

2.79 Download

2.80 Download
mesh.grow_sel_to_cursor for hotkeys
Grow Selection to 3D Cursor from search menu

Please use and enjoy! Feedback and suggestions for new ideas are welcome.
Here are more ideas I want to do:

  • ‘Fill Select’, for selecting islands of geometry surrounded by the current selection.

  • ‘Sculpt/Paint pan’ modal, special panning that positions target focus automatically, centered to volumes one is moving around

  • ‘Quick Pose’, create temporary bone and deform mesh; will have nice falloff, symmetry options, translate/rotate/scale. Basic concept is drawing a line that auto-generates a joint and weighting on the mesh, allowing quick armature-like deformations of a multires model

  • Sculpting quick-silhouette mode

  • Improved UI/UX for existing sculpting tools and options


These are some great usability addons. Great job!

Great work on those thanks…!

Re-opened at OP’s request

Thanks Fweeb. Added a video to the first post describing the three small addons so far.

Sorry again for the terrible mic quality.

These scripts look very useful. Thanks!

great scripts!


hi guys, I have a problem with the snap view layout on maya

Hi Darcvizer, this is a python script for Blender only. I have not done any scripting for Maya recently.

I apologize for my English, I use a blender to maya preset hotkey
and I do not work View Straighten

@Darcvizer, sorry for the delay on answering this: the View Straighten operator is simply not assigned a hotkey by default, so you must create one as you like in your own preferences.

Wow, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before!

Modify sculpt/paint brush radius and strength in a streamlined manner.

I was excited when I saw the post, and wanted to reply and say thanks : )
This is something I was hoping for all the time!

Off to install it. Much appreciated, Thanks!

Works like a charm! Super smooth.
Thanks again! This is one of those ‘cosmetic’ things that makes a world of difference in actual use.

@Vrav hi. I already figured out. I helped my friend Alexander Neovitin. He also perfected, added auto transition in orto. & persp. modes.
thank you for your work, I often use the addon and very happy

My English is not possible to describe my question, so I will send a screenshot which will have to explain everything


Just wanted to bump this addon. Something that greatly improves my sculpting experience in Blender, and wanted to temporarily resurrect it from the depths of this section of the forum :slight_smile:

Vrav, thanks again on this great gem!

Thanks 0rAngE! I’m glad to hear that. Haven’t been sculpting much myself these days, so it’s good to know at least someone is using them. :] Maybe it’s time to get back into this… any script ideas come to mind for recent versions of Blender?

Hey Vrav, I’m glad this thread was bumped, I must’ve missed this the first time around!

I tried to install View Straighten in 2.76b, but get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.76\scripts\modules\”, line 343, in enable
File “C:\Users********\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.76\scripts\addons\”, line 424, in register
ValueError: validating class:: ‘GRAB_POINTER’ not found in (‘REGISTER’, ‘UNDO’, ‘BLOCKING’, ‘MACRO’, ‘GRAB_CURSOR’, ‘PRESET’, ‘INTERNAL’)

Scripts I could recommend?
Or script ideas for development?

Either way, I’d have a couple :slight_smile:

I have ten employees using Blender in my company, many that might benefit from this but I can’t see the video to see what it does. I don’t care about poor audio quality. Unfortunately I cannot spend a lot of time working with the scripts myself nor can I assign it to one of my employees when I need productivity from them, not research.

I am happy that this has gotten bumped recently to bring it back to Blender users attention. Hope Vrav will give it some attention.

Hey Pea! Fixed that now

Orange – ideas for new scripts

JWise, I added gifs