Sculpt pressure curvemapping patch

Hi, I have recently worked on a patch which lets you map tablet pressure to a curvemap in sculpt mode, to independently change how size and strength are influenced. Here is a demo showing brush strokes which start with a large size & low strength and end with a small size & high strength (useful for things like cloth sculpting):

I also made the smooth-stroke line “stretchy” so you can see when the brush stroke is about to start:

I would like to share a Linux build but I’m not sure where to upload it, so here’s the diff if anyone else wants to make a build:

Nice. Grease pencil also have tablet pressure curves, so will be consistent to have them inside sculpt mode too. How about moving them from “Tools” to the “Options” tab? Also you better post .diff file here:

Cool! This pressure sensitivity curves configuration is present in many graphic applications. I use it mainly to configure that starting point is not so sensitive, and it does not begin to draw as soon as pen tip touches tablet. In Blender for example if brush strength is = 1, sometimes my generic tablet makes strokes even when I move the pencil over the tablet without touching it. So this is useful to me.
And size pressure curve is very useful of course.
I already compiled and it seems to be working fine in my Genius tablet on Linux, it uses generic evdev driver.

Are you planning to upload this patch to the Blender tracker for developers to review?
It would also be good to extend this configuration to other modes, not just sculpt mode.

By the way, when I compile a custom build I usually put in the name of the folder a description and the author’s name. You made it difficult for me :slight_smile:

Thank you \o\o\o\o\o. My prayers have been answered!
Would it be possible to have something like this inside Texture Paint mode? I’d love to replicate some of my pencil like brushes where the radius shrinks and the scatter reduces the harder I press.

Is it possible to use it with mouse?

very helpfull addition indeed :slight_smile:

This patch is more than welcome, super usefull, thank you sir!

Great! I like the idea! I’m hoping it will make it to master. I think I’ll wait until that though.

This looks great! Tracking the patch, hopefully it makes it into master…