Sculpt Tools

cutting a polycard like a plane will have problems, give it some thickness before cutting. this is originally designed to be used with dyntopo hence a sculpt tool, if you have to cut polymeshes use booltool instead.

to avoid problems cutting with g-cut. enable the option in user pref where the cursor snaps to faces. click the surface where you will do the cutting and draw the line.

Hi everyone
First off, this is an absolutely awesome tool. I have only just discovered it, as im doing my first ever sculpt of the sci-fi helmet by kent. Keep up the awesome work !!!

will this ever become a art of the actual blender addon section, so we dont have to download it every time ?
or would it be better the way it is, because then you can check bugs and so on and make changes as needed ?

I also wanted to find out how that documentation was cumming along, because i defiantly know im not using the addon to its full potential.

Many people really thought you had dropped this, and know people did try to contact various people in the description. Regardless, that’s the past now. There is another addition that was also made after the fact, where users are forced to create GP strokes linked to the Object, and not the Scene. If it’s not, their is odd behavior with the GP cut. Maybe you have already addressed this.

Anyways, glad to know you are back, and I’ll be sure to let Kent and the CGC crew know so to fix links, etc. :wink:

Thanks for the pointing out the thread Jody! :smiley:

I have been in contact with that user, And he also thought that the developer had left and has now contacted the developer and given it back to him, if im not mistaken.

I also wanted to ask, i have just checked the new changes for blender 2.7.7 and they are dropping the grease penceil, maby i am miss understadning, but here is the link Scroll to the bottom.

If they do, what will be the new way of oporation ?

Hi, I am trying this addon. Great work btw. Everything works but when I click extract mesh after painting mask. Is there a way to set the thickness of the extracted mesh?

I can’t find where u can set mesh extract depth, offset and smooth iterations. Have these been removed? I am using blender 2.77 daily build.

They removed a kind of grease pencil command and replaced it with another to facilitate the new improvements, and the scripts just have to be updated to use the new command from what I read there. Grease Pencil is alive and kicking, just updated a lot.

Hey Sanctuary, had the same problem but I figured from the error warning that the problem was originating from a different scene i had set up before. So I just deleted it, and I am alright now =]

I’m on-board with the grease/poly/curve cutter. It’s become stable, reliable and with expanded functionality. Nice work.

So far as I can tell, Campbell abandoned the lasso-tool/C version he demo’d during the Gooseberry days. It’s good you didn’t drop this as well. :slight_smile:

Update: Just found this.

The Cutter tool from this thread is still more flexible so far as I can tell.

Any chance you might add a 3d circle brush as visual aid to show the direction of the face’s normal, like in zbrush?

Hi, I just started using blender around a week ago and I’m currently getting used to basic modelling. I’ve just discovered sculpting on youtube. However, when I activate the addon for brushes/sculpting tools, no changes occur on my toolbar meaning I can’t find brushes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

It’s grand that you’ve told us you’re no longer working on this addon, but could you possibly elaborate on WHAT addons do ‘this’ better?


A few options I know:

Bonus tip:

Additions are very welcome, thanks.


i could really use the grease cut tool …
is anyone aware of version for 2.8? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately grease cut tool makes holes in meshes. If you need to cut something create another mesh.

The grease cut tool relied on the specific behavior of the Carve library. Now that it’s been replaced with bmesh, I couldn’t make it work even if i wanted to.

too bad but thanks for the quick reply, guys!
i checked a lot of other tools but nothing seems to work directly in sculpt mode.
you for example have to go into object mode, draw a curve, select the curve and the mesh, execute the cut tool and then re-enter sculpt mode
i guess the fastest way for now would be with box cutter.
anyway, thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi, may I know what the license of the blender-sculpt-tools is? May I use it in my projects for commercial purposes?

The license is GPL because that’s what Blender requires all its addons to be. You can use the output for whatever you like. You can use the source code only if you plan to release that under GPL as well.

That said, this addon is extremely old and outdated. You should probably pick a different, more current addon for whatever it is that you intend to do.

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Is it not likely that you will reanimate your awesome add-on?
Because for example, there is a great artist who did not go over to 2.8 for a very long time, just because your amazing addon is not there)
Here is a link to his channel:
I myself just now began to study Blender and sculpting in it, so that you will help me too))

I could, but I just don’t feel the need to do so. Similar tools are now included in half a dozen other addons, or have been natively included in 2.8. This is a good thing. Sculpt Tools was always pretty amateurish, and I’m happy it’s been replaced with more robust implementations.