Sculpted cracks depth color?

Did try searching not sure if this topic has been discussed but … I’ve sculpted some cracks and want to deepen the color range from surface to crack depth ? Pointiness doesn’t work very well and can’t find anything else.

Give a proper desription with pictures of what you have and what you want to achieve.

This nodegroup may help - it can key materials based on depth. The blend is attached to a massage further down the thread.

Seems too complicated, not sure I understand it.

You still did not give a clear explanation of what you want to achieve.

what he is trying to achieve is not hard to understand… a gradual transition from the deep part of the cracks to the surface. I think… haha :sweat_smile:

I think using pointiness is your best shot, but I do struggle with the pointiness + math node maybe someone else can come up with a better solution.

I usually pass pointiness through a bright/contrast node with contrast of 5, and adjust from there.

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Also remembered this tutorial…

Maybe this can help

Just realized that it might not help, because you said it was sculpted.

How about just go into paint mode and paint a mask in your cracks then use that to mask in another material.

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Though he have to bake the displacment map first no?

If he is going to do the 1st part I posted then yes he would have to.

If he is going to paint in a mask, then no.

He can just paint in the cracks then use that texture image as a mask to add a new material or darken the on he already has.

I think I would just paint the cracks, its seems easier and quicker to me.

use the new AO shader,its range is way better adjustable than the pointiness.

for example: AO shader color output > into colorramp > into color mix rgb and multiply your texture with the colorramp output.

in this render i used exactly this simple node setup,and could control the apearence of the dark easly.

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Ha great stuff. So simple. I love it!

Thanks, some great suggestions. Playing around I think the best choice is AO, not sure how I missed it.

Might have to try 2.8, there aren’t really any options for AO color, can’t add a color ramp or anything to differentiate it.

Doh! - completely forgot about that.

you need to load the latest experimental build.there is the new AO shader.

nobody gets younger :wink: