Sculpted Weapon (First Attempt)

My first attempt to really get in deep and try some sculpting. As expected it looks pretty terrible but for my first attempt it could have been a lot worse!

Forever wishing i could texture…

So i tried (tried…) to texture it and this was the result!

Anyone shed any light on how i could make this look any better as i’m really keen to know how to improve :)?

It surely looks pretty good! plus a interesting texture but could you show some wire frames so i can see your structure better?

Sure here you go!

Not exactly sure how to ‘improve’ the object because you aren’t really giving any indication of where you want to go with it.

I’m calling it an object rather than a weapon, because it looks like it might do more damage to it’s wielder than it’s intended target. It seems to be part rifle (is that a stock and a barrel?) part sword/club (is that a hilt and a blade/cudgel?) and maybe part mace with those pointy spheres, but only one of them is on what might be the ‘business end’ of the object. So, there’s that. Maybe you could improve it by making it look useable as a weapon: obvious part for the user to hold and control the effect, obvious part that delivers the effect to the target.

You complain about texture. Maybe you aren’t happy with the color or pattern? I’m guessing you are using a procedural texture. It’s not easy getting any particular effect with procedural textures. Many good ones are happy accidents, the others are the product of someone who has invested a lot of time in discovering how to tweak and modify and layer texture nodes to get the look he wants. Many people abandon procedural textures for image textures, UV unwrap their model, and paint it in GIMP or Photoshop.

Blender Cookie and Blender Guru both have decent to excellent tutorials on texturing. It is a big, complicated subject, more than I can cover in a reply post here. Go pick a tutorial, and work through it.