Sculpting a gold mine off Google Maps

Hey there guys, if I’ve grabbed this 3d data off Google Maps but it hasn’t captured the detail of how deep the mine is; is there a way to do that without affecting the texture map too much?

ie this is how deep it is really…

Thanks in advance

If you don’t have the data already, then it’s not going to be easy or quick to create something detailed.

You could create a circle and make it match the borders of the mine in top view. Then, extrude it inwards and make the inner edge loop match the bottom of the mine. Then, create UVs from top view to project the texture on the funnel you just created. Then, add edge loops, maybe add some extra edges with the knife tool (k) for the roads and try to match the stair patterns (if that’s important).

Of course, the Google map view will never look as good as the actual photos, but it could be good enough if you don’t have to get too close.

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I would second this- if you’re doing an aerial view, just roughly getting a 3D mesh to match and then texturing it with this image will look good enough. This is, to a point, how games like Breath of the Wild handle their large complicated landscapes. They’ve used some extremely clever texture mapping to hide the fact that all those complicated rock cliffs you can climb around on are extremely low-poly