Sculpting and video card on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit??

My current specs are - AMD 64 X2 2.5GHz CPU, 4Gb of DDR2 RAM, GF 8800GT 512Mb of VRAM. Running Ubuntu 11.10 64bit.

I am looking forward high poly sculpting of organic and hard surfaces in Blender 2.59/2.61 (if latter release won’t be as buggy as 2.60).

I haven’t heard of performance improvement with latest nVidia cards, so I suppose I have to buy AMD/ATI video card. After browsing through newegg, I was thinking of something like this:

Will I have enough horse power in this card to work on multi-million polygon models and have smooth strokes and good fps in Blender’s view ports?

Do these AMD/ATI cards get hot?

Will I have issues with selection? (I remember ATI video cards had sever issues with that)

And finally, how things are with Linux drivers for AMD/ATI? (the proprietary ones)

Thank you.