sculpting assigenment

hi all

here is a head i started today.
blenders new crease edge tools does not work always smooth for industrial objects but quite nice for organic. the lips and eyelids are
creased edges.

the hole scene will be a head cube ring sculpture in a sureal landscape.
the ring is a jewelry i actualy made. i only need to model it in blender


C & C appreciated

I’s very good, IMO, besides the fact that there is too much distance between nose and mouth (unless he is a negroid character, of course).


thankx for the cc

ah jo the nose uh sucks,

you see the results looking at nativ americans afro americans and asians here inside the lab.

i just did follow one special person/reference.

but anyway that is not so important. the head will lose some faces later and they deleted edges will be replaced with tubings and than the ring sculpture goes into the head as well.


Nice work.

The cheeks look like they aren’t puffy enough, (i.e. set into the face too much).

The rest looks good.