Sculpting Brush Texture Editor - Blender Add-on

Hey everyone,

I just released my first paid add-on for Blender. It simplifies the creation of texture maps that are used on sculpting brushes.

Edit 10.04.2023:
I just made a new update (1.1.0). It includes vector displacement map baking, better previews, and add-on preferences. The whole change list can be found on Gumroad. (The new update only works for Blender 3.5)

Get it from:
Gumroad (5€)
:honeybee: Blender Market (5€)

(I also made a free add-on for baking only VDM brushes without any preview. It is bundled with the VDM demo files for the Blender 3.5 update. It can also be found for free on my Gumroad page)

How it is used:

It can also be used to create brushes with a clothing folds texture as shown here:

The cloth brush can be quite slow on high-density meshes. Using brushes is more efficient.

If you have any issues with the add-on don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m happy to help you. :slight_smile:


Nice!! I love how easy and straightforward it works
Purchased it without hesitation!


Great. Thank you, Robin
Will check now. One suggestion if you don’t mind. In my opinion need to think how to generate better Preview First whats come in mind is somehow wrap this plane around the sphere and render to make it look closer to standart brush

Great idea. I think I will even add some add-on preferences in the future where you can decide what kind of preview you want.

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I see its 3.2 and 3.3 compatible any chances it will work under 3.0?

It should, but i haven’t tested it. Which version exactly are you you using? I can check If it works for you

well i have meant 3.0.0 maybe “under” was bit misleading

Okay, unfortunately the add-on isn’t working with Blender versions prior 3.2 atm. I‘ll look for a solution.

I added a new version that also supports Blender 3.0 and 3.1 among some other small changes.

Great to hear, thanks for your work.

Hey everyone,
there is a new update for my add-on that includes VDM baking and better previews, among other things. I’ve updated my first post if you’re interested. :slight_smile:


There’s another update to make it easier to use brushes from other creators.

Load brushes in a batch process:

(Shown dragon brushes are made by NSDesign)

Also brushes can be manipulated before import:
Swapping color channels can be used to migrate brushes from other software like ZBrush more easily.

Any brush that uses an image texture can be edited. A geometry nodes modifier is added for quick settings:

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Hi @robin.hohni
Just saw this today

And instantly remembered your wonderful addon!
I think it would be really cool to create something like this in your addon, I mean capture the pattern from a curved surface. (although it would probably be very hard to do)
I think that this can be somehow implemented using a combination of shape keys and Srinkwrap
I think this would be the ultimate tool for creating brushes from photogrammetry scans.

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Thanks Olst!

Yeah I’ve seen this feature of 3D Coat, it looks really great. Having something like this in Blender would be very handy. Although I think that is something that would be better to implement to Blender itself and not an addon.
Using shrinkwrap and shape keys could work to some extend. Having correct overhangs and without too much stretching of topology might be hard if not impossible to do with modifiers.
But I definitely see your point that this feature would be extremely versatile.

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