Sculpting Cartoonish Head WIP

So this is my second attempt of sculpting a character. Still getting used to different brushes.


(Illustration by Daniel Araya)

Ortho view


Perspective View

Stage two:

Ortho view

Perspective View
Perspective_view Perspective_view2

Stage 3

Still trying to maintain a balance between the ortho and perspective views!

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Awesome, spectacular . .

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Thank you! I will keep going!

Today I sculpted the ears for an hour and it still looks bad. Guess I need to practice more.

Ears Ears_1 Ears_2

Very hard to achieve that pointy look by sculpting. Perhaps I should have used hard-surface modeling?

Here is a progress video:

Here is a reference video I watched.

Actually, once you retopology it, it’s a lot easier to create the sharp points, when you have a simple polygon mesh, then you create the ’ point ’ look, on your ears . . <3

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what you have at this stage, is really good, very nice . .

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So here is my update for day three.

2 3

I will upload the workflow for today with a video later.

Thank you for the love! Yes, I will retopologize everything at a later stage :slight_smile:

Let me post the progress for yesterday. Today I am having a slump.

if you want some good advice, try to retopologize now, you’ll get a base mesh you can sculpt on again, and the ears will exactly like you want, afterwards, because you’ve placed the polygons manually . . It’s a great middle step, making a 3D head . .

when you’re done, try going back into sculpt mode, but DON’T enable Dyntopo, that way you can sort of move the ’ vertices ', in the retopo, but not add new things, to fine - tune it . . Either way, it will be progress . . .