Sculpting doodles

Hi all,

I’ve been sculpting a bit lately, and thought I’d upload some progress images of what I’ve been working on.

First I did this guy. Just an alien doodle, only took a few hours from beginning to end. I tried texture painting on a character for the first time here, and as you can see I didn’t get very complex with the skin shader. Very simple, and very simple lighting as well. Cycles gets all the credit for making it look good.

Then I did this gorilla. Everyone seems to do a gorilla at some point, and this is me finally getting around to it.
I plan on taking it all the way, getting fur on it with the new Cycles strand rendering, and making a really nice final image.

Tonight, though, I felt like doing another alien, so I looked around online for some fun reference and started on this guy.

And just for the heck of it, here’s a few of my old sculpts. Most are pretty bad, and the orc I pretty much abandoned before I was even done.

A few more old ones

if the rabbit-potomus became animated, he would need an ipo driver linked to random_fart_sound.wav as he took a stride.

lol hype, I love the orc! He’s like an evil yoda on acid or something :slight_smile:

Very nice eyes on the first one though. The black glossy glass eyes really fit it well.

Making some progress on my second alien. Not using dynotopo on this one, just the regular old multires modifier.

I second this suggestion. That rabbit had me laughing. Even though its just an image, I can see that guy scooting around in my head. Great work.

Hahaha, thanks!

That rabbit hippo guy was based off a sketch by this guy DerekMonster. He doodles monsters everyday, and occasionally puts out little books of the collected sketches. He works at at Pixar. His blog is here:

A couple more older ones.

Got some time tonight to make a little bit of progress.

Cool sculpts.

Tonight I think I finished with most of the sculpting of the basic form of this guy. I’ll sculpt in some skin textures next.
Screenshot to show the sculpted detail on his torso, and a test render.

Awesome work hype! Loving the alien designs, keep up the awesome sculpts

Hey, funny sculpt ! I particularly like how the neck muscles and the spine come out.

Great sculpts! I especially like that last alien render.

Thanks! Hopefully I’ll get him painted this weekend.

Just goofing around at work while waiting for stuff to render or update.

Painting on some texture details.