Sculpting Eyes

I’ve been messing around with mudbox, zBrush 2.5, etc. completely ignoring the new sculpting capabilities of Blender. So yesterday I decided to see what I could do with it. (Bear in mind I’m a Blender virgin so I am not familiar with most of the program - except for the incredible art I see people making with it! :slight_smile: )

I’m feeling a bit more comfortable with the tools but I am wondering how people are sculpting eyes. Are they inflating them from the sockets, creating them separately and placing them, ??? Even moreso are the eyelidswrapping around the eye. Just looking for techniques.

Also, what’s the Edges slider for under the multiRes? There’s a slider that says Level (which I get - LoD) but the Edges ??

Anyways, thanks for any help. Here’s a quickie (30 min. - it’s only my fourth try so be gentle :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Jim Neumann


Generally eyes are modeled separately. At the moment I am putting together a video tutorial on modeling an eye and creating the texture.