Sculpting glitch

Hello everyone,

When i try to sculpt i get these anoying ‘upsidedown’ glitches when orbiting the model.
I am using a Huion 16 4K pen display connected to my laptop over usb C using standard Blender 3.4.1
The glitch is so bad i can’t sculpt anything in peace, it’s a pain tbh.

Anyone else having this type of weirdness or maybe you know what could cause this ?
Solving this would make my sculpting a lot more enjoyable.


You tried some sensibility settings in Blender Preferences → Navigation → Orbit & Pan or … → Input Mouse/Tablet or even in the Huion driver ?

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It looks like your view is orbiting around last stroke.
That is what is happening when in Preferences → Navigation → Orbit & Pan, Orbit Around Selection option is enabled.

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Cheers guys, no special settings in Huion or Blender, except the orbit around selection one.

And yes, this is what was causing this !
Although i do need/miss this feature while working on details and when orbiting now my spot of interest moves away, argh.

Indeed, it would be more practical to have it in View menu.
But that is a preference modifying behavior in all 3D Viewports.

That being said. UI is scriptable.
It is possible to create a custom operator or button to switch from one behavior to another.
Following some tutorials about python scripting should be sufficient to help you to bring that switch to Sculpting Workspace.

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Orbiting is now (when Orbit around selection is off) based on where the cursor is when you start to rotate.
Have a play / practice until you see the way it works now. Use a cube and hover over different corners, or faces or edge middles.
Hover the mouse where you work to make a small movement. Hover over an area further back to make the mesh all swing away from you / towards you.
Note how the spot where the cursor was is the area that stays in place…
It is not perfect when you hover in empty space near an object…

Turn on Zoom to Mouse Position in the Zoom section of that image. It is also super useful.

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Thank you for your insights guys.

Just had another trying session and i’m affraid the arbitrary rotations persist even with the OAS turned off. In a way i’m somewhat relieved because i really love this feature (and i’d love it to be in the main UI like everyone).
I also tried what you said @Matakani and you are indeed right, it is workable that way without aos.

Still would love to know what is causing the glitch as it really weighs on my efforts to get better at sculpting (a lot).

Wondering if it could be my Huion screen, driver or even the USB C cable that isn’t good enough (although it seems to do a pretty good job, it’s a 40 Gb/sec Orico usb C).

Any further ideas more than welcome.
Cheers, Kurt

If it is a lowlevel thing as you suggest here, then your tablet should send these wrong values not just in sculpting mode, so I would check if texture painting in blender also produces spikes, offsets or whatever while drawing.

Its worth checking this before going on.

That is actually a good idea @Debuk
I will try this and report back.

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Tested: unwrapped the head and painted on a 4K texture = smooth as can be.
However, i now found that the glitch persists in texture painting as well so not only during sculpting.
I’m assuming this glitch is everywhere but it’s just very irritating during painting/sculpting.

Ok, sorry I have no time right now. I’ll have a look later.

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Not 100% but i think this driver solves it.
Did a wild painting test and it only glitched on me once (giving me the chills thinking it was back…).

Testing vigorously in texture paint mode.
Sculpting follows, fingers crossed.

Instagram video:
Texture painting on HUION kamvas 16pro 4k+

Not sure if the line you marked is what you’re experiencing. Cursor jitter is a relatively common problem and is related to the underlying technique of what most tablets use. It should not lead to drastic offsets. It referes to really small scale jitters.

But a driver update is still a really good idea.

Thanks @Debuk , i was thinking the jitter could cause the position reset. Anyway , more testing is needed but i have a good feeling about this. Thx for all the help folks.

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Sounds good. Good luck!

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