Sculpting heads - what to imrpove in anatomy?


tried with multiple anatomy references from drawing books. The side looks still a bit off? What am I missing? Front and 3/4 view look ok I think?

Thank you for help!

All in all, it is very good…just a matter of a tweak here and there…
Bulge under the eyes looks like the cheek bone…and would look better if either flattened or pushed towards the ear … speaking of the ear…way to big…proportions would be from the top of the eye to the bottom of the nose + - …neck cord to behind the ear thinner at the top and blend down to behind the collar bone and again thinner. I understand you have not worked much on the sholder but it will be much larger and then the collar bone will end at the top front…

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Thank you for your critique. I tried to improve according to the things you said… I hope it is at least better! :smiley: Oh I see the ear is a bit wrong here and there, but this is fixed quickly…

In 3/4 view the ear now looks very small… is this due to the camera lens?
PS: Do you know any tutorials/learning ressources for detailing the skin with folds/wrinkels/pores?

I believe that is due to the skull being very elongated front to back…and partially from the pose it is in… If you were to rotate the ear forward about 25-30 degrees bringing the top forward…it would look better…size looks fine…and of course, using the eye to the nose is just a reference and all ears are different…so a bit bigger would not hurt at all…if you were to rotate and raise it just a bit it should be good to go…
Try google (detailing the skin with folds/wrinkles/pores) and I used THIS ONE I would advise you to turn on Captions…as his accent makes it a bit hard at times…

thank you very much :smiley:

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Glad I could help…Hope to see this in Featured as you add details as well as textures…!!!

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Would love to go along further, but apparently blender crashes if I try to up the resolution. Seems over 400k Verts are already the most I can do.
Sadly, at such a low polycount, it is hard to work with alphas and most of them look shitty… :confused:

I got the exact same problem ( old motherboard )…did you try it with a multiresolution modifier?

Yes, after 10min trying to apply Multires blender shuts down… Maybe I have to buy a student version of zbrush for more detailed sculpts and practice with blender til then… :S

They have put out a stripped down version of zbrush for free I grabbed a copy but haven’t tried it as yet…it will probably not allow you to import anything though!!

Nope. Also no alphas in Zbrush core mini. It is VERY mini. Only 6 brushes and nothing else… XD Maybe I will get the student version. Blender can do everything else very good, but in scultping and texturing high polycount models it lacks quiet the performance…:S

Yep…I figured that…but I think I will play with it and perhaps hack it a bit to at least get some brushes in it…I figured they wouldn’t make it so that you could really do anything but get a feeling about zbrush…

I had an old version and when I checked out 2020 version it wiped out my access to it…will see if I can delete all zbrush references in the registry and get it working again…