sculpting issue

hello everyone, i recently appended a mesh from a different blender file to work on it in the current blender file, but now when i try to sculpt on it with my tablet, for some reason when i choose the brush and choose the adding option, when i start sculpting, it subtracts, and when i put it on subtraction, it adds. on some parts, it work fine and other part of the mesh, it does the opposite what i choose…same thing with inflate, but with inflate, it does the opposite of what i choose on the whole mesh…i just want to import this mesh into the blend file i am working on right now, so i appended it.was that wrong? did i do something there any other way of importing a mesh? any suggestions? i kinda spent a chunk of time on this mesh i appended, so i hope i dont have to start from scratch and this can be fixed and continoue on the one i’m on now.please help. thanks in advance

Sounds like a problem with some faces on your object that have inverted normals.

So go to Edit Mode , make sure there’s no internal/overlapped faces (as it would give problem with the normals recalculation) then select all and CTRL+N to recalculate the normals.

oh gosh, of course,(daw). i feel silly now. although i said thanks in advance, i gotta say, thank you sir, you probably saved from alot of frustration of trying to figure it out :slight_smile: