Sculpting mode with wiered looking surface edges

Hey guys,

Im trying to sculpt a monster through blender sculpt mode… Everytime this issue brings down my hopes on making my result better… Any way to remedy this?

I mean i tried the dyntopo subD’s to 2 or 1 still i get this effect. Hoping an answer from the sculpting gurus :smiley: or who ever can help me with this :smiley:


Attachment 319079

I get a " Invalid Attachment specified " if i tried to click on it

Im so sorry, there was something wrong with the upload. Now it should be okay. Thanks for your time.

In Sculpt Mode try with the Smooth Brush, that should smooth the surface and then take those out.

Thanks for your response! That kind of lowers the details i guess, maybe that place has lower resolution as in triangles…

I was doing experiments… Dyntopo Anchor mode doesnt add on triangles into the mesh… Only Airbrush/ Space/ Dots adds the new subD’s to the polygon face.

Maybe i have to run down few strokes up and down from Space mode and then add the Anchor mode for my brush texture…

Or there could be another way i guess XD