Sculpting on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13?

Hi all!

Has anyone tried sculpting on the new Wacom tablets, MobileStudio Pro? Especially the 13" version?

I expect the 16" to handle everything pretty easily based on it’s specs.

The 13" doesn’t have a discrete graphics card and not as much RAM or CPU. But can it handle sculpting anyway?
For me it would be OK if I could start my work on the MSP and then do the final details on my desktop.



did you have any luck finding out about this? I am trying to use a MSP 16 with the quadro card but it is pretty laggy even at low poly. I was expecting better I have updated all the drivers but i am wondering if it just cant really handle it.

Im sculpting on surface pro 1st gen and cube mix plus. Works great in zbrush and blender too.

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I bought a MSP13 a couple of months ago and I’ve started sculpting. I have no problems what so ever.
You might need to check your power settings to see that you are running on max performance and not max battery life time.

Planning to get the MSP13 for blender and 2D. Wondering though, do I really need to buy the 3D pen for blender? Thanks!

No, you definitely don’t. Maybe it improves the workflow but I think it works well anyway.


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