Sculpting Problems

Hey everyone,

I am relatively new to Blender and modeling in general. I’m having some trouble with sculpting. In general, not much really happens when I try to sculpt, as no changes really are made. Only randomly/in certain areas do certain sculpting brushes take effect. I was reading some previous topics and a lot said it may be due to the sculpting > Input Devices > Tablet Strength Adjust settings, but underneath that menu there is no such thing? Was it moved? Also I apologize in advance if I am simply just modeling incorrectly, and this isn’t an issue with the tablet settings.


I don’t use a tablet. Although make sure you set the settings in the “user preferences”, “editing” for “memory limits” and “undo steps” also.
You may want to try and use the multi-resolution modifier and without by subdividing to see what works better. Start lower poly’s and work your way up…I’m lucky to go up to 500, 000 quads( 1 million triangles) for sculpting. Which isn’t horrible!! Some other software I can go 5 million triangles…so Blenders a little stiff.

What? Sculpting without tablet? Are You crazy?

Maybe you don’t have enough geometry… Watch some tutorials about sculpting.
Show us something…