Sculpting: resizing big volume of mesh (effectively?)

I got this wyvern I’ve been working on recently but I think the head is a bit too big and would like to make it a bit smaller. My question is is there an effective way to resize the whole head inside sculpting editor without messing up the details on it and keeping the body as it is?

also, if not, any alternatives you would suggest?

Turn off dyntopo. Mask parts you dont want to scale (best to blur the edges). Pinch/magnify brush - pick last curve profile, the flat one. You may change stroke to anchored too. Play with strength. The spot you click on your model matter. Better to do it in ortho front or side view.


Thank you! Your advice worked, it did exactly what i wanted.

So in case anyone stumbles upon this thread looking for answer, just follow what czerw said except leave stroke method on plane because setting it to anchored gives some pretty weird results. Also make sure that everything you want scaled is inside brush radius and and as he said, mask the neighboring region.

thanks again for quick help , cheers :slight_smile:

I’m glad It worked for you!