Sculpting sketchbook

Aight, I should note I prefer animation over modeling, but this is the start of a Blender sculpting sketchbook, first try with the sculpting branch.
About 1.5 hours, long time ago I used the tabled.
When I tried a noise-textured brush I lost all the contrast and gave up, but this is what came out from the first improvisation (no textures, simple lambert material):


If you want to put a sketchbook together with sculpting as its theme, when you render out the image at least use lighting that shows of that sculpting, not some ‘moody’, somewhat blurred, lighting that just hides all the hard work that you’ve done.

Point taken, updated render. Moving on to the next sculpt now and deleting this fiasco of a mesh.

On the screenshot, the sculpting looks great! I love how it’s skin folds.

Thanks Sick :slight_smile:

OK got some more time for sculpting today, begun a new sketch, only begun sketching skin details now, far from finished.


ooh cool sculpts!

i like the skin detailing you’ve done there, are you drawing these lines in one at a time?

Nice skin detail!
I’d also would like to know about how you approach to detailing. Is it hand drawn or an alpha? if it’s a texture, could you show how it looks like?

It’s hand drawn, couldn’t get decent performance from using alphas, so I just used the default draw/sculpt brush, and also used the deepen and contrast brush.
Time consuming as hell, I did the whole eye area and neck yesterday, but I got carried away and f*cked up so I had to revert to an older save :slight_smile:
This is why I’m keeping this under the Tests section and not WIP, because I don’t know my way around the sculpting tools just yet :slight_smile:

hehe, that seems like a lot of work indeed. But it looks great!

Nice stuff, that dino is looking really good.