Sculpting stylized eyes?

I recently read this post here and I was also wondering what to do about sculpting my character’s eyes or just stylized eyes similar to this character’s? I think the first one method should be ok for the look I’m going for but I’m wondering what would be good for rigging and animation?

Here’s the character I’m talking about:

Thanks in advanced!

David Ward have a lot tutorials for that e.g modeling, rigging, animating.

I think round eyes can work well. You could try experimenting first if it can fit while you can use a lattice modifier with a lattice object to flatten the eye if it bulges out too much, this works well with animation too. However, the iris does tend to distort a bit if it moves to the side but it wouldn’t be that noticeable.

For rigging it works like how you would rig a realistic eye but with the Lattice as part of the rig

Oh ok. Sounds good, but I’m wondering if that would look right with eyelids? Or would this character even need eyelids for the way her eyes are drawn?

I feel like eyelids would be possible. You should also make choice whether to approach the face rig with shape keys or bones (though most seem to prefer using shape keys as it’s easier in some way)

I suggest and encourage that you check out other peoples blend files and study them for yourself. You could try out BlendSwap.

Also, your project kinda reminds me of this Judy Hopps project (it’s not THE Judy Hopps model used in the movie…I think) so maybe you can check that too.

Ok. I have been on Youtube for the past few weeks studying how other people made their characters and some animal ones as well. I’ll definitely take a look at BlendSwap, I have an account on there but haven’t logged on in a long time. I did see and check out the Judy Hopps model before but I think I should look over it again, just to see what I missed this time around. Shape keys are better for me to work with, so I’ll use that.