Sculpting to Animation? Is it recommended?

Hi, i am a newbie to blender. Just started last week and have been trying to make a original character for a game project. So far, i have been trying modelling to make this character and it is not going so well. Soon after that i discovered about sculpting, did some research on it and it is suitable for what i want to create but not suitable when you want to animate and rig the finished sculpture.

So i have been struggling which to use, does anybody have any suggestions or advice? Or at least advice when it comes to modelling when i dont have a choice?

Hello. For character animation you have to use bone system known as armature in blender. Think of armature as skeleton - each bone will deform part of your character mesh. To get nice deformation you have to create good topology and assign weights for each bone. You may use automatic weight assignment and then edit weights by hand. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube how to create animation friendly topology for any kind of character (biped or quadroped), how to create good armature, and assign\edit weights to get good deformations for your character mesh. And finnaly you will need to create rig to make animation process comfortable. You can use built in addon Rigify which will create rig for you. All these steps you can find in tutorials on youtube.

Thats not really the problem i am facing. i know the things about bones , armature and rigify. The problem is when it comes making the appearance of the character. i tried modelling but it is difficult to achieve the result i am satisfied with. Sculpting seems a better choice until i found out that animating using a sculpture is extremely difficult.

Sculpting especially using dynotopo is good to get\form shape of your character. But to make your mesh animation friendly you will need to retopologize your mesh with good edge loops, quad poligons and reasonable amount of polygons. Something like this:

Ok… then another question, is modelling my character first then sculpt in the details later still make it animation friendly?

It is, as long as that preserves topology, i.e. you can use the sculpting tools to pull and push vertices, but you cannot use dyntopo. You can however add a Multires modifier and add more detail in higher subdivision levels, this also preserves topology.
Inside Blender you can animate that type of mesh immediately.

As you’re going for game chars however you will want to bake all the additional details into normal/bump/displacement maps (plenty of tutorials around on how to do that), and apply those maps as textures to your character. If you take that route you’re free again to sculpt whatever detail you want into a high-res copy of your character’s mesh (including the use of dyntopo), which you use in conjunction with the clean animation mesh to bake your textures later on.

Ok… thanks for the info. Appreciate the help.

Seeing that this is for game-engine animation…

Copy your mesh and Sculpt the copy - I won’t go into detail here, but you can bake that high-res version into a normal map on the low res version.