Hi,im Tidusgev im 21,recently i started using blender,i have few question censerning sculpting mode --,you see if i start modeling directly with sculpting(face,hands and everething)can i make the animation after(for face (mimic and for parts of the body)?.why im asking this,because i saw videos were people using extrude the cube for making models,and after they are making animation.its ok if i create model with sculpting after make animation,is it possible without that??can i do everything with sculpting,yeah i new its difficult,but i prefer that technic.

sorry for my english.its been long time that i havn’t spoke in english.

You can do whatever you want, however a few things to take into consideration before you do get going.

Sorry but you’re English is a bit hard for me to understand. But from what I can tell, you want to know if you can sculpt a character, and then immediately rig and animate it.
Short Answer: Yes and No
Longer Answer: I’m not the best person to ask as I haven’t done that particularly, but I would think you would be making it needlessly difficult rigging the extreme high polygon molded resulting from a sculpting creation. It would probably be extremely difficult to get it to deform properly so as to look good in the animation.
The reason people box model an initial shape is just for speed, so no you don’t need to do that. However, if you are looking to animate a model I would look into the “re-topology” features in blender.

Sorry If that didn’t make any sense.

I think the best way to deal with this is to retopologize the mesh after you have sculpted it. What this means is that you create your character by sculpting, and then build another mesh on top of it (like a skin) that has vertices better arranged to make animation more successful. Think of it as using your sculpted object as reference instead of using photos as reference. There are tutorials around (not sure which ones are best) for doing this.