Sculptris settings in Blender?

Hi guys,

I’ve never done any sculpting before except in Sculptris and was able to make a pretty decent sculpt on my first try with virtually zero learning curve.

Using DynaTopo I thought I’d be able to get similar results in Blender (I’m brand new to Blender btw), but a few hours later I had nothing to show for myself except a grotesque lump of ugly. I was frustrated and bummed.

It’s hard to explain exactly what the differences are but Blender just “feels” harder. I’m not able to effortlessly sculpt without thinking about the software like I can in Sculptris, if that makes sense. One thing I for sure didn’t like was having to keep adjusting the detail level to keep the brush from constantly removing geometry when you’re zoomed out. Sculptris has a brush for that instead of doing it automatically.

So my question is, are there any experts here familiar with both Sculptris and Blender that can give me Blender sculpt settings to make Blender sculpting behave more like Sculptris? Has anyone else “felt” the difference I’m talking about?

I’m coming over from Max and want to get in to Blender SO bad! Thanks for any help!