sculpture to 3d , how would you ?

Hi , i tried to model this piece with bezier curve then extrude it and then add a litle bevel , it worked great , but when it came to uv map it , it went wrong , lots of ugly edges because i had to converted to a mesh and it was difficult to uv map , so wich tecnic would you recomend me to medel this so that after i can have a regular mesh and be easy to uv map ?

Have you tried converting all those nasty faces in the front into an F-gon? (select faces, press F)

I don’t use F-gons, or do very much UV mapping, so I’m not sure if this will work.

If that doesn’t work, try starting from scratch with a regular mesh.

i iwll watch this thread as I am rewriting the UV section. a couple of ideas come to mind. Since you have so many vertexs, paint it using Vertex paint, then unwrap using UV painter as the texture baker to get a start at orienting. In either event, ArchiMap should do alright for you. Altho, you have a fantasic unwrap already. To steal the artists work, all you need is a front-on picture of it, and use that in gimp to create your UV texture. The UV map you have is the best you are going to get.

yes , iknow is a good unwraped ,but as you can see the beveled parts are off the side parts , and this is no good , because the beveled parta are part of the side ones , so you can imagine that if there is diferent colors on the side then to match the colors of the beveled part will be very tedieus.

If you would have uploaded your file, it would have been much easier …

I’ve actually build the object:

  1. When you convert the object from curve to mesh the top and the sides are seperate parts of the mesh.
    => select all vertices in edit mode, w-key->remove doubles. Confirm.
    Now with all vertices still selected, ctrl-n-> recalculate normals outside.

This should solve your first problem, and you get a nice unwrap if you use the same seams. Now you need a good, undistorted picture straight on your mesh.

Unwrap from view -> Voila!

Made the example in like 10 minutes or so.