Hello to all boys, this is my first post in this forum… Introduces you my last work.
Good job to all :slight_smile:


Looks evil … in a good way

Very good work! What was your base mesh before you started sculpting?

Welcome ACE!
Nice work!
Sculpture is looking good but you should work on some textures and light…

You captured alot of personality in the modelling but the materials and lighting let it down.

Man, you beat me to that one. Well said.
Soft shadows and more realistic material (jade? copper?) would make it even better.

Hello to all…
thanks for all the comments.
This is a simple renders, in order to conclude the test elaborated in blender, with tool sculpt mode.
Good job to all… :slight_smile:


sweet :spin: :spin:

MUCH better…can we have a bigger render??

Hello to all…

That’s nice. As mentioned, a lot of character, the evil kind. The most evil blue thing I’ve ever seen. I like the latter one more, and if you could get it to fade more into the background it would be even sweeter.

Thanks for the comments…

Nice updates…
but this just begs for a shiny metallic material.:cool:

Something along these lines (IMO);

Hello :slight_smile:
This is one simple material test…


So shiny…

With just a bit of ray mirror enabled, that would be perfect:) (At least I think it would. It’s up to you of course.)

EDIT: On second thought, maybe ray mir is enabled… but it needs something to reflect. (?)

Thanks for the comments…
good job :slight_smile: