SDD and win 10 upgrade ?

got a PC on which I upgraded from win 8 to win 8.1 then win 10 last year

and wanted to add an SSD drive

anyone has experienced this upgrade on win 10?

and I want to try the 120 GB drive from AMD

so from MS app to help make image it looks that it will also copy all user data

so must make certain that user data is smaller then SSD capacity

any help suggestions welcome to make transition as smooth as possible

any problem with MS keys for OS or other problems ?

thanks for any feedback

happy bl


If I understood your question, you want to replace the hard drive in your computer with a SSD drive but you don’t want to reinstall Windows 10, isn’t it?

By the way, you’re not going to have any issue with Windows 10 license.

A couple of months ago I did something like that with my laptop. It had a 500Gb harddrive and I replaced it with a 500Gb SSD. Because they are drives with the same size, there wasn’t any issue to transfer the data from one drive to another. If your system drive/partition is bigger than the new SSD drive, you should make room to fit the operating system and the installed programs into the new drive.

Once done, the best software around to clone the old drive into the new one is Macrium Reflect .It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fast. Just follow the instructions to clone the OS into a new drive and everything should work without problems.


yes if possible not re install win 10 which is like 4 GB on internet and takes like 6 hours to install
don’t have DVD for win 10 just the internet download

MS came out with EASYUS apps that can make an image copy

so was planning to use that one but will keep in mind this Macrium Reflect

I can remove from my user area most of the old stuff data and make back up
to shrink my user area size in GB to less then 40 GB or less

I will re copy it back to my normal HD drive after the transfer
but not on my new small SSD drive.

I think this is necessary for using MS EASYUS

I can always go back to my HD to find old stuffs not a problem
but I guess I can copy some old file to SSD then it might be faster !

now how do you make certain the installed programs will also be copied ?
these are already installed on the OS I mean most of them
so when image is done it should already be there is it ?

except a few exe that are direct run and not installed on OS

for SSD would like the OS and most program installed to run faster and keep min data on SSD
after a while I can transfert SSD data to my old Drive

wondering about one thing here
after using SSD will the main drive go into sleep mode and not work
unless I wake it up to transfer data !

right now I set up sleep mode after 5 minutes for HD drive

thanks for feedback
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Just out of interest, why the change in the drive?

Obviously a change from the old standard drive to the newer technology with just a chip inside the casing. Since I’m on the 32bit XP, the drive in this system is being going for thirteen years now. I’ve upgraded to a small form factor 780 for web access since the older system is far too slow for flash, and a lot of software is out of date, but I’m still running Blender on this system for the moment. But I don’t like the Windows 7.

Hi, change the drive from mechanical and maybe old harddrive to SSD is like you buy a new PC.
A SSD is about 3-10 times faster than a HDD, depends what you have.
@Ricky, an Image is not a clone.
It is possible you cant boot with the Image.

Cheers, mib

what is difference between image an clone?
like one is move and the other one is copy ?

wondering how the old drive will act after I add SSD
I mean will it go into sleep mode until I need it ?

and will there be 2 copies of the OS or only one on the SSD?
so all MS updates will be done on the SSD not the old HD

also anyone knows how to make a recover USB for win 10 ?
if it is possible now

The idea for SSD is to get OS and EXE program to react way faster then before
I think that is the main idea

and also I don’t really want to keep everything on the SSD only current projects
then moved to the old HD

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Image is a file containing bit-by-bit copy of your old HD in this case; you use this file to make a clone - copy one HD to another.
By adding old HD you will get a system you could boot from any of these two hard drives - you’d have to set the boot order in your BIOS. I’d recommend starting by one, cloned drive and see if it boots and works as expected, only then plug in a second, old drive. As to the updates - i seriously doubt OS will update it’s dead copy on another HD.

Win is known to keep it’s internally used information all over the physical drive, parts in beginning, parts in the end. If you feel you do not need boot capabilities on the old HD it’s better to part it, gather user files on a new partition and format not needed part thus getting rid of what’s left of previous win installation. New user partition can be resized back to full HD size after.
All your installed software (executables and files exes might look for) will stay on the new HD, you can not move these to another drive without reinstalling.
Since win has it’s own drive management, OS will take care of the ‘bed times’ as previously - you might need additionally set sleep for a newly added ‘old’ drive.

My know-how suggests HD image can not be made from a ‘live’ OS which assumes you’d have to have something bootable - CD or USB stick - with OS and utility you plan to use for a HD cloning on it. Not sure how’s that nowadays. RTFM to help here.

got some problems
I followed video for using macrium
I installed the new SSD drive and now I can see it in explorer with 223 GB free
as in the video

q1 - SSD
properties tell me that it has index file
is it necessary and should I remove it before transferring ?

Q2 - Is defrag necessary for SSD and should I remove it too

q3 - problems with macrium

when I select my main drive it seems to be in several parts
do I need to transfer all that to the SSD
see image here

q4 - do I need to transfer all these parts or only the big one 140 GB?
why transfer FAT table for instance and the other one ?

if I continue like that I get error not enough space on SSD !
but there is less GB then the maximum 223 GB
so what is the problem here ?

thanks for any feedback
happy bl


According to what’s on Macrium Home Trial Download page: “The trial is fully functional except that the ReDeploy functionality to restore images to dissimilar hardware is not included.”

Your current HD was not an SSD, i mean your hardware is “dissimilar”, do you have bought a license of this software?

Your current HD capacity is 1TB; you’re trying to clone to 240GB drive. This can not be done as a direct ‘copy from - to’ operation due to destination drive being 4 times smaller.

You’d need to resize partition “4 Acer (C:)” so that it’s actual data (125.56Gb) fits into SSD; 140GB should be fine and would leave plenty of space to clone existing (red marked) OneClick OS recovery partition and others Acer and MS had set up there.

i got the free copy of Macrium
so cannot be done with that one !

will try with the other one EasyUP
might work I hope

also do I need to transfer all the parts
or only the big chunk 125 GB ?

happy cl