This is a project I started last week. Just thought I’d post some snapshots of the work so far to see what people think.

This is the results of the first day, after 8 hours of work;

The fallowing three images are show the progress over the last week.

I’ll post more as I work on it. Comments welcome :smiley:

Looking good, what is a SDF-1?

Sorry :smiley: it’s a ship from “Robotech” - an old anime series.

Just googled images for it, looks like it so far (must be hard to find good refence pics of it though)

Actually I have a book with detailed drawings in it. :smiley:

Nice modeling on all the little details.


Just a quick update of what I got done today :smiley:

Finally added the canons.

Hope I’m not to late here but I’m a Macross fan .
Glad to see somone tackle the SDF-1 in blender.Are you going to post it in finished projects when your done?

When I get this finished I plan on doing a nice little “poster” type image with three different snapshots, and posting it in Finished Projects. However, right now I’m coming up on the end of a very intense quarter at school, so this project has been mothballed for a couple weeks.

The ship looks amazing!

I wish I could do that

Thank you. :expressionless: It wasn’t too long ago I was saying the same thing about other people’s work. Wait a minute…I still do :smiley: