sdl.dll and python23.dll in 2.34

ok ; SO i am new in blender , and i like the easy way of creating realtime content .

then when i create a runtime there is the problem , when i start the *.exe file that it needs python23.dll .

OK i installed Python and now it askes for sdl.dll .

OK i copy the sdl.dll (which i found by searching for “sdl.dll download software” via google) .

so everything runs , if i copy the *.exe runtime together with python23.dll and sdl.dll .

but i donT like it that way , because i want to have one single *.exe file and not a thing like a package . if i send this to anyone then , he/she would ask : “what is those sdl.dll and python23.dll ?”

i would love to have compiled inside of the runtime.

will newer blender versions include the sdl and python dlls in the runtime ?

ANSWER : if i use “blender 2.25” (older version) it is working without those *.dlls . but i am not sure . if i can load my *.blend files with that older version , or which restrictions there are.

other thing about blender 2.34 : where are the radiosity buttons? i want to calculate the vertex colors with the right shadows and lights . there are no problems in textureing and vertex coloring , but in blender 2.25 there seems to be a special radiosity button-group, where it is possible to bake light into vertex-colors. is that right?

pls help me on that . if i know how to do everything i will create an example tutorial on how to create a realtime scene and make a runtime.

about the dlls:

  • you need them, because you used something, like scripts inside your game that defently needs these dlls. You can also try to publish a dynamic runtime, but then you have to add also some dlls. If you want to get rid of this, replace the scripts that needs these dlls. But I don’t see a problem about this, why not put the exe and dlls in one folder, call it system, create a shortcut and place that one outside the folder and give it the name of the game. So people only see a system folder, and the shortcut.

about radiocity:

  • Yes in blender 2.25 and earlier you can bake radiocity on the meshes. In blender 2.34 there’s a extra option to do not bake them on the mesh but buffer them and then render them directly in the render window. But notice you can still do it the old way. If you check the material buttons, you can still find the radioactive icon for baking traditional radiocity, maybe the buttons looks different, but it acts the same as 2.25 and 2.23.

I hope this helped you out.