Sea shells 3D models WIP

Sea shell 3D models in Blender 2.6

I already made like a douzen different sea shell type

This may take a while before i can complete this Script!

still looking for a parametric 3D model including some bumps!
if any one know a working example in python le tme know!

happy cycles
and any C&C are welcome

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here are some mat and textures i did for some sea shels

happy bl

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Oh sweet! :cool:

futur pics2
for sea shells later on

futur pics3
for sea shells later on

futur pics4
for sea shells later on

futur pics5
for sea shells later on

I also began a new script for doing some patterns for sea shells or other organism

i did use one book as a reference for patterns on sea shell and other organisms

For sea shells patterns i use this book from

Author : Mr Hans Meinhardt

Title :The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shel

in this book you can also find a small BASIC program to make some basic patterns
and to simulate biological pattern formation
which are also available on his site

Sea shell patterns - using some Diffusion Equations / with equivalent Difference Equations

First script simple patterns

i have ported the first simple BASIC program for patterns to python in blender
and it is beginning to work.

i will show some results later on.

the basic math model are based on the diffusion equations


here are some patterns i did but still a lot of work for these


Have you seen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science? He’s got a whole chapter or two on algorithms for seashell color patterns.

it is one of the math site i looked at
but not the main one there are others with a lot more sea shells algos!

the most difficult algo i woudl like to find is one that includes some bumps and patterns
i did get one but not certain if it is compatible with parametric 3D equations
i will continue on this one next week and see if i can make it work

right now working on the pattens algo to get some nice outputs in blender
not certain if i shoudl do the whole surface or do a smal animation!
but again i get the pattern as a line or area and i got to find a way to add it to a sea shell
surface may be as a UV image but how to map it along the main axis is the main problem i have right now

Book references

i might try to get this book from Wolfram from the public lib and see if it has some interesting algos for patterns!

but i already got a very interesting book on patterns for sea shells
with a lot of patterns type and also some programs to generate these patterns in BASIC
so have to port to python but this does not tell you how to map it on a sea shell!


this is the algo i have for bumps on sea shells but very difficult to make it work usng the 3D parametric algo
still have to work to try to make this work nicely

Tthere are probably others algos available!
but have not found them yet !


Great Math and Great Work. Thanks to show.

We meet again Math!!

here is a test for the first program to do one pattern type which is the Periodic Pattern

note: CX is not activated in this case


I’ve always had a fascination with the golden number, found in various organic forms of nature.
Go ahead and good luck with your script.:wink:

well with log spiral there is sort of a relation with the golden spiral!
golden spiral has some specific constraint compared to the log spiral!

i did another script for spirals including the golden spiral!

happy bl

There was an old script for sea shell - - You can find it here: This script don’t work for Blender 2.6 but maybe can be useful as a guide.

I will check it
but this is very very old
not certain if possible to convert to 2.6

will continue later on to complete the different parts for the 2 scripts here


The images you posted are amazing!! A lot of variations!