Sea turtles *update*

Loggerhead sea turtles to be exact :slight_smile:
This is a great accomplishment, I actually finished something! I started modelling yesterday, worked for the most of the night (didn’t sleep) and finished today. I did a very little pp with photoshop.
There are three turtles in total^_^

So, what do you think?

Very nice model, I really like it.


very good but i think you could improve the lighting, i imagine their would be more “rays” under water?



You could link the image directly, like this:


this image really has potentional. Add some more life and “rays”, it will be perfect

I love this image. I think you would benefit however by giving slightly more DOF to the turtle in the background. Seeing through that much water would make it look more different than the one in the front.

very nice all around, i was thinking of doing a sea turtle but now that you have pulled it off so nice i dont have to, i can just look at yours :smiley: .
i also really like the long render veiw very nice, the only thing that throws it off a little is the fact that the bubbles dont really seem to fit in. they look like glass, and they are not shaped like air bubbles, nor do they seem to be coming from any of the turtles mouth? if it was my scene i would take them out, because they distract the veiwer from keeping focus on those great turtles.
keep up the great work!

Has great potential. Maybe add a few more light rays, fix up the bubble material, and add some smaller ones as well. Oh and the turtle in the back should be slightly blurred.

Agreeing with mr bomb, just add a lot of smaller bubbles around and near the bigger ones. Yea and make the turtle in the back a little less defined. Already been said but thought no hurt in repeating, awesome work, models are great!

Thanks for the replies, guys! Glad you liked the picture^_^

R2Blend: Why, is it too tiring to click a link? Besides, I didn’t know if mbnet allowed linking pics directly, hehe… :expressionless:

Wu: The bubbles come from between those rocks on the ground.

I’ll update the image, but not today, cos I think there’s a thunderstorm coming this way… (hey, it rhymes). Thanks for the suggestions, but one says take the bubbles out and the other says put more bubbles^_^
I’ll keep the bubbles, but shape them to look like air bubbles and fix the material.

Have fun.

Bump map it. Add more contrast, ease the fog a little, it’s a little too CGish. The turtles seem like the are just pasted into the scene, a bit odd to look at really.

Overall very nice, very artistic.

Keep it up!

Yay, finally found some time to update this!
Added more rays and bubbles and blurred the turtle at the back. Some of the bubbles are shaped slightly and they look… more like glass! Again, a little pp with Photoshop. And for your convenience, directly linked!

And thank you Dittohead for your comment :smiley:

I like the baby turtle :).

Nice pic.

i like the idea… but your textures could use a LOT of work (i hope the current ones are just placeholders.) i’d work mainly on details on the textures if possible, and get a better unwrap of the shell because there is some stretching.

I love the update. It’s a pretty impressive picture now.

I agree that there may be a little stretching on one of the turtle shells, but I actually think the texturing on the turtles is great. And I love how you’ve done the water surface and the light shining through it.

The blurring is done really well too.