Storm sea created in blender . The animation can be seen at the following link. I would like to add lightning . Does any one know any good tutorials for creating lighting and rain .


First thing I can think of, what is the resolution of that water?

Well it depends on if you’re going for realism or cartoony

I will guess realism…there is quite a lot of improvements I can see

  1. lighting at the base where lightning touches clouds and ocean
  2. ocean foam and a story behind it
  3. silhouette of a boat
  4. reflection control, as lightning light isn’t always reflected on the sea
  5. water distortion (on reflection and silhouette of fish/shark)
  6. get rid of the bottom text
  7. make lightning in the background, as the sky is clear where you put it
    lightning here shouldn’t be your main focus, if it was, you should change the cam angle
  8. ocean needs to look stormy, as it is relatively calm in your image
  9. a clear branch of lightning, branching out into various places (opinionated, as yours is nice as it looks now)
    but most of all…you need a story behind it…

lightning -
rain -

You did this in 3DS Max? That’s what it said in the description of the video. The water currently looks like clay so you might want to work on that.

I am trying to achieve hyper realsim and this feed backk is great. i appreciate every ones comments.

I agree with the comments the sea does look like clay the night vesion . This was when i used a sky dome the light. The light didnt seem to reflect on the sea as well. The lights ive gone above the value 1 to even 3 and 4 and this probaly made the over saturation look . The sea version on the day if you see this version its the same sea . it realistic however once i placed sky dome over the sea to create a stormy sky. The sea became very dark and the colours became oversaturated

The bottom text is not apart of the piece. That has been removed it was just to work in progress.I have used 3ds max but this good feed back. i am not sure how i am going to get the light to travel in the sky dome as seems to always come out dark over saturated in colour

night sea = sky dome

realistic sea = no sky dome

hi robert

The resolution isvery low and ive rendered it in the wrong format. I used a scanline render and forgot to use mental ray.Scan line doesnt handle reflections very well.

It was created 3ds max I then the animated version brought into after effects The resolution is very low i think used around 640 width by 480 . its a very low resolution. Its very pixelated in some areas . the resolution is probaly poor

When robert refers to the resolution he is not talking about dpi. He is talking about the ocean modifier in blender which has a parameter for resolution, which refers to the detail exhibited in the ocean as a whole. I would consider using blenders ocean modifier. Here’s the big issues:

  1. The sim doesn’t look right. The waves are too large (relatively) and too smooth. A real ocean has sharper chops.
  2. The water material looks off. You should have a plane below the ocean surface dark blue, dark green.
  3. The lightening perspective is way off. It starts in the sky a mile or so back and winds up about 10 feet from the camera, it should go more or less straight down.

Good start.

I will implement all comments made as every comment is right. I will start on the first stage

As i need to break the comments down into stages of implementation. I am using 3ds max but the principles are the same. The first stage to complete is the actual size of the plane. my original method i used unit cm. i will create a new plane 500m by 500m change the units to metres. I will add large amount of segments before using a dsiplace modifier . which i will duplicate twice for large and meduim waves.

I will make the wave less wide in width this time . The wave this time needs a peak and of course waves have a peak similar to a triangle .They should not have a a round arc shape That be the first stage. before the material stage and the plane below .

I will post the first stage sometimes this week . just to check

So you not have an ocean simulation in max? I thought Blender was the one that was behind.

How where you originally doing it? Was it displacement with some sort of animated texture?

Have you tried posting this on any max forums? What brought you to Blender Artists?

No its not an ocean simulator. Its two displacements maps 1 at low height the other at meduim height . Then ive animated the displacment maps to cross over each other Ive also posted it on 3d total forum. I didnt recieve any feed back. Ive just now recieved the best feed back here. I break it down in stages.This weekend and will post the first results

Thanks guys

The water rez could be better i would say.