Seabug: Seattle Blender User Group

Seabug’s goals are to help beginners learn Blender, create Blender opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, showcase advanced Blender tools and projects, and celebrate open source graphics in all forms.

Seabug meets (usually) every month on (usually) the first Saturday of every month, from 10 AM to 1 PM, at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, room T124, 11605 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034.

Other places you can keep track of Seabug are the facebook group, the meetup page, or by PMing me to get on the mailing list.

Seabug update! I have confirmed that we’ll be watching the finished Sintel with the one and only Nathan Vegdahl! So come along and try picking his brain about the film.

Seabug Update: we’ll be watching Sintel with crewmember Nathan Vegdahl! So go get a ticket and come pick his brain.


Quick updates:

#1. Mike Pan’s coming to town, and will give a demo on some of the productions he’s used Blender for. Check out his stuff, it’s crayzay!!

#2. I’ve got my $%&#ing monster finally up online as a testable rig! Go play with it, then play with it more tomorrow.

Lookin’ forward to seeing y’all again! BOOYA!!!

Hey guys, it was pretty nice to attend the meeting today :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the hospitality and the great mood.

I hope to cross the boarder again in December =)
ps: I updated the pasteal and twitter Blender 2.5 add-ons for the latest API (the ones I showed there but couldn’t demonstrate because of the internet). Have fun with them (: - links below

Yeah, thanks for the great meet-up everyone! And thanks ogbog for organizing it. :slight_smile:

I was thinking that perhaps the next meeting could have an hour or two scheduled for just hanging out? If that sounds good to you, ogbog. So far it seems like the schedule is so packed that there isn’t really opportunity to get to know other people, and talk about Blender more one-on-one. And I feel like that would be really valuable. Being able to just geek out with other people.

Ah, shucks! Glad you had fun.

Any more thoughts on “hang out hour”? Before, after, during? At a different space? A dinner reception? Our one technical hurdle is that AIS closes the labs at 6 PM, so if it’s post Seabug we’d have to move somewhere else. But I’d be cool with that, since there’s lots of exciting eateries in the area :smiley:

For future reference, I’m usually there around 10 to 11 AM to start setting up. Seabuggers, feel free to show up early and chillax, shoot dat breeze!

Yup I second the idea of a post-meetup meetup, just to talk to people and share some ideas. Oh and animating that turtle was crazily fun!

Glad you liked it! The official version’s now up on Blendswap (and includes the walk cycle I started at Seabug)

Also, the next Seabug’s info is up. Go RSVP!

New info up regarding the December 4th meeting. Nathan Vegdahl, Mike Pan and Dalai Felinto are all confirmed to rock the house. Check it, suckas.

What a bounding success this meeting was! Everyone had excellent input and no one gave the young one any crack. I feel very accomplished in getting NO questions at the end of my little tutorial, Thank you all for your positive feedback! Oscar thank you for hosting again, I cannot wait until the next blender day!

PS what shall we speed model? My suggestion is a photo camera.

We can try Iron Cheffing it, where the topic of speed modeling will be announced by the Honorable Chairman at the beginning XD

Thanks for coming, y’all. I should have new data up for next Seabug soon enough.

New info is up at

The next Seabug is February 5th, so go RSVP! Let me know if you’ve got a project/tutorial brewing, and I’ll add you to the itinerary.

I dig “on the fly”.

Ahem…oops :stuck_out_tongue:

NOW you can register for the February 5th Seabug. And technically the February 2nd one, but don’t get too ahead of yourself.

I just lost my comment … snigh making long short: It was really nice last week. Looking forward for February.
Also I found this website (through BArtists) to convert SketchUp to OBJ (for those that can’t afford the SketchUp PRO. Your PhotoMatching problems in Blender are over :stuck_out_tongue:

getting giddy for this next meeting…as long as my wife doesn’t pop [out a baby], I will be their with a bowl with oodles of noodles and a side of speed modeling meatballs.

Some new info’s up at regarding the April 9th meeting. Lemme know if you’ve got a kickass new deal to show off!

In a nutshell, here’s what I’ll be bringing to the next Seabug:

  1. Spires HD promo code for the Speed Modeling contest winner! If ye don’t have an iOS device, you can nonetheless give it to a buddy.

  2. A primer on Linux/Ubuntu based on my first experience. Might be more of a therapy support group than a tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. This guy!

  4. Prophetic Sky’s next game, Knights vs. Aliens! See some production examples, live the dream!

  5. Whatever you’re doing! It’s pretty clear now that the PNW is one of the hotspots for Blender talent. Edge-loop subdivide what your momma gave ya!

On another, more personal note, some dude hit me and my car got totaled. So if any other dudes in the greater Seattle area are interested in going to LinuxFest Northwest, I’m hunting for a carpool right now.

Go RSVP for Seabug! Tell your friends! See you there!

Hey dudes! Seabug’s this Saturday, April 9th! Lots of cool stuff for both beginners and experts alike! Sushi afterward!

Woo hoo! See you there!