Seagull Character

A particular species of seagull, the Pink Footed Shearwater inspired this character. It’s the star for a short film supposed to teach people what to do when they find one of these, stranded ashore. Yougsters leave the nest by October and many times fly into shore lights (cars, lighthouses) confused. It’s a protected species in the Azores Islands, so if you happen to stumble across one, be gentle but beware (large sharp beak!). :smiley:

All Blender, some postpro just to balance color a bit.

Initial thread on Works in Progress:

The feet and body connection is cleanly artificial and the beak doesn’t quite fit in with the realism style with the body, plus the wings don’t look real feathery. Other then that it’s a nice pic.

great texturing!

i like your name :smiley:

kansas said everything i thought.

I agree with the others about the legs, but otherwise that’s great :slight_smile:

I think the beak fits in right just need to turn the spec down.

great image! but there is a problem with the feet…

Those aren’t seagull feet…are they?

Your nice texturing really gives your seagull character some character :slight_smile: