Seamless Texturing between Seams

So, i finally made it to the texturing stage of my first character model.

But ofc, i already ran into a problem.

As you can see ( i think), i uv unwrapped the model the normal way (of course).
But now, there’s a question.
If the big body part is textured a.e., and i would try to do the same thing with the legs, there would be an ugly “transition” between them.

What is the best way to avoid that?
Obviously, i couldn’t find anything, related to that. Really nowhere.
Is it really that simple, that i’m just too dumb, to see it? :smiley:

You could use texture paint to paint directly on your model, instead of on the unwrapped part layout. Then you don’t get ugly transitions.

Okay, 8K textures are a load of work for Blender, but it worked.