Seamless UV Painting

hello, I actually did the projection painting script a month ago or so, look at it here :
I used the same idea as you :slight_smile:
the script makes everything a little easier:
it makes an uvlayer and a new image. after painting, it bakes the new layer back into the original image.
The only problem is that you cannot really see the first layer if you don’t have a good glsl support.

I quite often use blenders texturing tools, and I’d really like if it would be looked at more in depth…

Hey Modron, could you show us a before vs. after render side by side? I’d like to see the ugly seam-ridden model alongside the corrected one.

I just wanted to announce that I recently used the very method described in this topic for the dolphin skin texture map for my dolphin animation WIP.

Thanks for sharing this awesome method for seam removal!

whoops sorry i missed your reply to this thread, anayo, i guess i should poke my head in here more often. I’ll see if I can locate the file. Nice texture on the dolphin btw.