Seams and texture unwrapping

(rickyricardo) #1

Hi again guys. can anyone help? i’m trying to unwrap this model to match this pattern design but with little success, i almost had it working before but had to start again and now the unwrap is completely different. I have set the seams up etc but it doesn’t match the pattern. I will upload the blend file and the image i’m using for reference. Please i really need help with this.

Thanks Guys
zentaimodel .blend (682 KB)

(Kintaro) #2

well firs - this model wont unwrap to math the image - second - nobody unwraps that way as different software got different unwrap algorithm so unwrapping complex objects to match kompleks partners is a bad idea from the start

(Mike J. Gee) #3

Yeeh! I really wonder, why You want to match the existing UV pattern. It’s a really simple one. So just set your seams, unwrap, store the UV-picture as whatever U want. Open it within a paiting programm, fill colour in (you just could use the existing one as a colour-picker-source) and boom everything is like before.

Or you paint within blender with texture paint, directly on the mesh.

For that:

  1. mark seems along the edges, where the colour changes and unwrap and set the resolution and name of the uv-picture file.
  2. in edit mode, select all faces with the same colour.
  3. go to texture painting (in the uv-editor window, you see only the mesh part, you selected)
  4. choose the paint brush and the colour on the colour reel
  5. paint on the mesh in 3d view window (turning around) until you see in the uv-editor window the whole part solid filled)
    move on with 2. to 5. until all colours are set.

Last save the uv picture.