Seams appearing on mesh in pose mode [2.79] [ninja ripper]

Hello there,

I ripped a mesh from a game with ninja ripper and imported it in blender. It looked like good but after I rigged it, seams appeared.

Any ideas on how to fix it ?


I had this problem lately. Not exactly recall what caused it. Did you predefine the Vertex Groups or did you parent the armature with automatic weights to the bones?

I used automatic weights function like showed in this video : .
Is the mesh or the armature the problem ?

I taught it was because my mesh wasn’t properly closed, I’m not sure it’s the right term but you get the idea.

Could be. Try to merge the open edges together (alt+m i believe?). But this will mess up your vertex order, so you have to reparent the armature to the bones with automatic weights.

Remove double fixed it,
Thanks :slight_smile: