Searching for a good way to model a chair backrest

Hi. I’m going through Blender Guru’s tutorial on chair modeling and I have difficulties to model a backrest. I’ve watched how Blender Guru recommends modeling it and I don’t like it either. Here it is video how Blender Guru does it

Blender Guru’s approach is basically to tweak vertices until they match the reference images. I’m only starting to learn modeling so I might be wrong but something tells me that this is not the way one should model hard surfaces.

I used a bit different approach than Blender Guru. Here is the best I came up with (you can download .blend file to see):

As you can see on this image my model doesn’t perfectly follow the blueprint. But if I try to fix it the model starts to bend in Z axes but it should stay straight.

Any suggestions?

Here are additional materials:

Chair reference:
Solid view of my backrest model:

That’s pretty much the bog standard way of doing things. It’s just a weirdly shaped object that’d be difficult to match 1:1 with your blueprint without making a ton of readjustments along the way.

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