Searching for Experienced Character / Rig Animator for Independent Feature Film

Hi everyone! I am currently searching for EXCELLENT 3D RIG ANIMATORS!

I am working with a small team on a very special ongoing film project, and we are searching for an amazing rig animator to join our team for approximately one year. This is an independent feature film directed by Meriem Bennani and Orian Barki, the creators of 2 Lizards, and Creative Produced by Culture Sport.

We are searching for someone who is experienced with character rigging and animation, working in Blender or willing to switch to Bender. The bulk of the work will be animating characters to help bring our story to life, so in addition to the fundamental skill sets, we are seeking someone with a real passion for character animation. The job would be full time for approximately one year in our New York (Brooklyn) based studio starting in September, but we can be flexible. At this time we are only looking for people who are able to work on-site and in-person in Brooklyn, New York.

Time Commitment: Flexible!
Salary: Depending on availability. We can offer $5,000/month, but we can also negotiate an hourly or day rate if that is better for you.
Qualifications: No degree needed
Hiring documents: Please send animation samples
Benefits: None
Job duties: Rigging/3D Animation


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