searching web from blender

Hi group,

I was searching for reference images and wanted to know whether do we have any python scripts to search the web from blender (i mean searching web from inside blender app). It is very much possible, since now google have create api’s for web search and i did see some python scripts in web to do this. I am not good at python stuff, as a request is it possible for dev’s to try to get a script to do this, with a good GUi presentation of search output images in blender?

Why? Are you that lazy that you cant click on the browser?

No, he is not that lazy, most of all he is maybe a little bit guarded on his request. I see more of the bigger picture. As now-a-days, I cannot imagine any application going without internet connection, it seems like a reasonable idea. Imagine you can connect to internet from inside blender, you can then connect to the same file with different people at the same time, that would be another useful tool for complex scenes and models. We both work on the same file, you in scene one and i in scene two, you IM me to say have a look, I take control, tweak and stuff, I see it coming, sooner or later. I am not convinced it will be high on the priority list for the developers though, but it is definitely a good idea.


Might as well just use Linux and get a tiling window manager and pretend your web browser is a tile within blender.