Seashells: A free and open source Blender addon

Seashells is A free and open source Blender addon brought to you by Oormi Creations. This simple addon creates seashells with a procedural material. Fun and easy to use. Enjoy!

Download link:

Intro video:



Thank you for this nice add-on. :+1: :shell:

Maybe you could complete the bl_info paragraph with these lines: ?

bl_info = {
    "wiki_url": "",
    "tracker_url: "",

Thanks. I made the changes. (instead of blenderartists link, I used the github link where the readme file is)
I am looking into your request to add option to set the location of the addon. Yes tab clutter is a real issue :smiley:

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The two sliders are a bit misleading :wink: , at first sight, one could expect them to be used for the dimensions of the seashell (length and wifth), but they are used for the resolution of the mesh.

If you allow me, I have some feature requests:

  1. It would be cool to have more parameters to generate more variants of seashells (length, radius, number of twirls, shell decoration elements…).

  2. It would also be nice to have presets in the addon: to quickly generate other kind of seashells, such as:

  3. And it would be awesome (I am dreaming a little bit, I know… ^^) if the addon could generate eroded seashells, with holes:

btw, I don’t have the same results than you do with the same parameters (segmetns x: 64, segments y: 240).
Here is what I get (on Blender 2.90 daily build):

Annotation 2020-04-18 170857 Annotation 2020-04-18 170910 Annotation 2020-04-18 170930

Your results (from the youtube video):

Annotation 2020-04-18 171026

Thanks a lot for these awesome suggestions. Of course this is version 0.1 and there is a big scope of improvement. Anyway all these variations (except the flat triangle shell) can be done by simple scaling or sculpting in a few minutes.
Unfortunately it is not tested in alpha versions of blender that are coming in future. So it will be done as 2.9 goes into beta. :raised_hands: :+1:


I have tried to install the addon 0.1.1 on Blender 2.82a but this error appeared:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\blender\blender_official\2.82\scripts\startup\bl_operators\", line 683, in execute
    module_filesystem_remove(path_addons, os.path.basename(pyfile))
  File "E:\blender\blender_official\2.82\scripts\startup\bl_operators\", line 48, in module_filesystem_remove
OSError: [WinError 145] Le répertoire n’est pas vide: 'C:\\Users\\Sebastien\\AppData\\Roaming\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\2.82\\scripts\\addons\\Seashells'

location: <unknown location>:-1

I have retried to install the addon 0.1.1 on Blender 2.8a Portable, and this time, I could install it without any problem. I don’t know what triggered the error above with my other Blender 2.82a install.

Now, on Blender 2.82a, the seashell is the same as yours:
Annotation 2020-04-19 152746

I checked it in 2.82a also and it works ok.
Perhaps there is an OS error, guessing from the error message. Probably it already has a folder named Seashells.
Anyway its good that it worked.

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Here is an update of the addon.
Now it also creates paper fans!
Download link is in first post above.